Apple Bread with Spiked Caramel Sauce

Apple Bread with Spiked Caramel Sauce


In my house, sweet breads are traditionally a breakfast food. We’ll pop a slice of banana bread in the toaster to crisp it up, melt the chocolate chips inside–there’s no better way to start the day.

As far as this recipe goes, well, it’s definitely one way to start the day.

Typically, this boozy take on a caramel apple is best served as a dessert, but if you leave the caramel sauce off and sub out the spiked cider for applesauce, there’s no  reason this bread can’t join the ranks of familiar breakfast breads.

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Hobbit Honey Cake #faustbakes

Hobbit Honey Cake

Woah, I definitely did not mean to take a month-long hiatus from this site! Logically, I could tell you that this chunk of time is when all the things happen in my family–birthdays, anniversaries–and that even more things happen in my hometown–the Derby, Oaks–but really, all that stuff was pretty much over by the beginning of May. So I guess I’ll just have to an extend a heartfelt apology.

Oh, and this cake!

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