Lemon Bars with a Shortbread Crust

Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust

As I’ve mentioned before, lemon bars are my absolute favorite dessert!  It’s funny, but in my family of five, I was the only person who loved lemon bars, so I got to eat them all. Being the baby, they were probably the only food I got to get the last bites of.

I used to thumb through my mom’s old “Southern Living” cookbooks and dog-ear every lemon bar recipe they had. In fact, they are the first recipe I ever learned to make on my own. I guess that’s because they are so darn easy to make! I think there was a month stretch where I made lemon bars just about every weekend. And ate them all, too!

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How-To: Pac-Man Cake Pops

I’m a sucker for vintage arcade games, and no game keeps me as entertained (and frustrated. Curse you, Pinky!) as Pac-Man.

Pac-Man celebrates it’s 36th birthday this year, very close to my own birthday. I was going to put this recipe up in late May, but I couldn’t wait. These cute little guys were just begging to be shown off!

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Guinness Chocolate Cake with Guinness Buttercream

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and my house is overflowing with Guinness!

While my family loves sweets, we also love a good beer. We rotate brews with the changing seasons. Sometimes we get a little overzealous, and I’m left to think of crafty ways to get rid of the excess beer. I’m already working on a few more St. Patrick and Guinness themed recipes, but this one is one of my top favorites!

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Guinness ‘Cottage Pie’

It’s not always sweet here in the Faust Bakes kitchen, and what better recipe to be the first savory dish on the blog than a Guinness cottage pie?

Now, the reason I put cottage pie in quotes in the title of this post is because, as I learned while researching this recipe, this is only technically a cottage pie, but in no way traditional.

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